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Why Korea

The number of international students coming to Korea, one of the safest countries in the world, is steadily increasing every year.

Korea, which ranked 11th largest economy in the world based on GDP in 2015, is carrying out various grant projects, and international students are showing a high level of academic and life satisfaction of about 90%.

Korea is the starting point of the Korean Wave and is full of numerous cultural contents. Prepare to study abroad in Korea right now.

Why Choose Korea

Study in Korea supports your
study abroad in Korea . Learn Korean culture and language at the same time by studying Korean .


There are various scholarship systems in Korea.

Prepare to study abroad by receiving support from appropriate organizations such as government, university, corporate foundations, etc.

Various universities

Find the university you want among the numerous universities with a higher education system including bachelor's, doctoral, master's, etc.
Korea has numerous schools with an excellent education system.

Employment support

Numerous international students are continuing their job search activities in Korea through various employment supports.

Check out various employment information right now.

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