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International Studies

International Studies is a complex, interdisciplinary field of study that allows students to touch upon several areas such as politics, economics and sociology. It also covers contemporary issues and topics that all people can relate to. In an increasingly interconnected world, a deep understanding of international relations, international business and international trade are crucial. HUFS DIS give students the knowledge and skills needed to work in international organisations, non-governmental organisations and global corporations.

Major Tracks

Students can choose one or more tracks of the following four:


  • International Relations

  • International Economics

  • International Law

  • Humanities and Languages


Strategic Management

Debt and Money Market

Principles of Business Management

Principles of Accounting

Marketing Management

Financial Management

Intermediate Accounting (1)

Cost Accounting

International Finance

Mathematics for Economics

International Commerce Law

Microeconomics Analysis

Econometrics and Data Analysis

​International Conflict and Game Theory

Law & Economics

Market Structure and Firms' Behavior

Law & Practice in International Finance

International Commerce Law

English 1 (Academic Writing for International Studies)

English 1 (Academic Writing for International Studies)

English 1 (Academic Writing for International Studies)

English 1 (Academic Writing for International Studies)

Global manners and etiquettes

Introduction to Korean Law

Introduction to Political Science

Principles of Economics I

Principles of Economics I

Principles of Economics I

Understanding Culture

Volunteer Service I

Employment Upon Graduation

Public affairs consultant, political researcher, state/federal member of Parliament, intelligence officer, national security adviser, foreign policy adviser, border control adviser, surveillance officer, consular officer, political adviser, diplomatic service officer, political journalist, international development worker, political campaign director, Actuary, Business reporter, Economic researcher, Economic consulting, Financial consultant, Financial controller, Financial services, Human resource manager, Investment analyst, Management consultant, Market research analyst, etc.

Course Syllabus System

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