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Our comprehensive University Database is an indispensable resource for education agents who aim to showcase their professionalism and expertise. This extensive database contains vital information about undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, majors, courses, timetables, requirements, assignments, marking guidelines, scholarships, and more. Accessible in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, it ensures that agents can effectively communicate and cater to a diverse audience.

University Database

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Unlock a World of Educational Opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Complete Degree Information: Detailed descriptions of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including available majors and specializations.

  • Course Catalogs: In-depth information about courses, including timetables and course content.

  • Admission Requirements: Up-to-date requirements for enrolling in various programs.

  • Assignment and Assessment Guidelines: Comprehensive guidelines on assignments and grading to help students understand academic expectations.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Information on available scholarships to assist students in securing financial aid.

Professional Presentation for Agents

Education agents will find this database invaluable for presenting accurate and detailed information to prospective students and their families. The availability of the information in multiple languages ensures clear communication and better service delivery.

Student-Friendly Booklet

In addition to the digital database, the information is also available in a convenient booklet format. This allows students to easily access and review the information at their own pace.

Why Choose Our Database?

  • Reliability: Up-to-date and accurate information verified by educational institutions.

  • Multilingual Accessibility: Available in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese to cater to a global audience.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: All essential details about degrees, courses, requirements, and more in one place.

Empower your educational consultancy with our University Database and provide students with the guidance they need to make informed decisions about their future.

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Institutional Sales

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